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Friday, November 27, 2015

Rant on INDIAN steam store

When i said Hey sweet a new update on Steam  (something that doesn't dick me over(looking at you microsoft)), after half an hour i soon regret pressing the restart steam button.

The damn thing took out some of my beloved games which is a big freaking deal
i love those games, Fallout 3, dishonored and super meat boy are some of the few gems that the indian store has taken away. Of course you can always buy it from G2A or some other website. My main problem to this is the fact that in india, there aren't many PC gamers so when someone does want to shift it is obvious for him to find Steam.
We PC gamers already have alot of shit going for us already like the bullshitty ports and the billion drivers we install. The only good thing that came out of this is that the existing games currencies changed to indian rupees which is nice as this avoids to have me checking for the indian rupees cost.
but that doesn't make up even half of the shit valve pulled out on us.

If you are an Indian gamer who likes playing indie also and not just mainstream well then my heart goes out to you.

Comment if you are an indian gamer and hate this bullshit.


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