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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The internet is a bane (TechAP does not agree) - Mini Essay

The Internet is a bane - Essay 

Hey guys welcome to an other content  post on Techspacey by me but not by me TechAP it's actually by my friend who does want to be mentioned so look at the end of the post for her name . It's an essay which I almost don't agree with. ALMOST.

The internet today is the most exploited invention of mankind .It's misuses has outnumbered it's advantage and each of us have experienced this in some form or other. This has made life an open book.It is a free-for-all-scene,where without one's knowledge his world is open to all.
Internet has moved out science friction to reality of our living rooms.What has been a dream is now a reality.But this technology is not only spoiling the social fabric but also removing morality from the human heart. Crime today has stopped so low that we need to redefine it. The net has become a playground of rogues and great temptation for the innocent.It is is being used extensively for wrong purpose.

- Avni Gupta.


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