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Friday, September 11, 2015

New content and superstition eradication

Hey guys welcome to techspacey and I - TechAP am back with another post and a special announcement. So let's get started.

So the first thing I want to talk about is the expansion of the type of content on the blog, yes I know that it's called Techspacey which is tech and space BUT my intention with this blog was to eradicate superstitious, false and mythical thoughts and technology and space are the top contenders that can be used to prove the falseness in these beliefs. As me and SpacePI mentioned HERE there were many false theories when man was naive.

But today I found out by a friend of mine that people's opinion can also bring about change in mass thinking so I am going to guest authors write some content in some weeks but till then this post is meant to tell you the history of this blog and MANY years before it. And if you haven't noticed yet we (Me and SpacePI) are 13. Just saying

So I guess now we get started.


So just a preamble of sorts, anything i write after this is a kind of vague history of this blog but i am not going to mention any of our names because I don't feel like it.

Stars in the mind of some people
It all started when me and my friend (SpacePI) were at school and were just blankly talking about our passions - Tech and Space. So I started talking about space - black holes etc. And a few others joined into the conversation and I was shocked to know that many of them knew little to no knowledge about space. I mean really - like stars being like (look at the image) and the big bang theory was blown out by things like creation of the Earth by god. And if you read the previous statement and said - well god did make the universe, you have two options - RUN or Stay And Listen because things are going to get pretty anti-god out there. So if you do want to truly learn how it all started stay put because this is going to be a long read.

The beginning of the end of superstition

So are all the naysayers gone. GOOD. Now we can proceed.
Yes as I was saying those were the beliefs of a few of my friends and we(Me and SpacePI) were surprised how much of they didn't even question. Now the rebels in us raged as we swore to try and eradicate all these stupid beliefs and show everyone the only truth - Science.

We needed a way to make this Idea public and us living in the internet era was a major 1+ to that idea. And so we came together with few more if our friends who also questioned stupid beliefs to spread the news. And today here I am writhing this post about how things are gonna go down.
We have many things in mind for the future of the blog and introducing more and more variety of content every time to end this reign of non-scientific talk and the beginning of the true modern era.

So that was the history of the blog but what about the main history of us itself. Well reader here you go.

So we are in India (if you haven' t noticed by the .in in the url) the land of many religions AND guess what..................SUPERSTITIOUS BELIEFS. So yea 'dat irony. But if you question how we went from being part of one of the most religious countries in the world to being wielders of anti-god weapons, consider this - WE AREN'T PUPPETS. We have free thoughts and capabilities to question and we question the multiple Racist, Sexist and inhuman beliefs and practices that religion holds.
And that is how it all pretty much started.

And this is the story of what became of it -

So after we decided we would pretty much question everything that mythical / religious "history" throws at us. But before we started whaling at deities we dug a little deeper to see what the modern god GOOGLE said and well it was as expected - WE WON. But this was only the first battle, there will be many more along the way. Anyway google told us that approximately 65% of the world's population considered religion and god the guiding forces. And that's what lit the fire. Just like cavemen, a transfer to the new era. The era of science.

TechAP out.

Hey guys major cliffhanger there huh ? Don't worry tune in tomorrow for the rest of the story.  BUT for now the announcement is that there will be other posts regarding many other world matters such as pollution etc. written by my other friends.

So be sure to comment share and like this post and thanks for putting up with me.

TechAP out.


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