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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Superstition eradication (part 2)

Hey guys welcome to a continued post of Techspacey that started HERE and if haven't read it do it now because the story continues.

So we were at google telling us that 65% of the world's population considering god and religion and it's figures the major guiding forces of the universe etc. etc. and now we continue.

So when we found out about this huge number of people dumping science on the road and heading head-first into religion, well guess what BAM! They ploughed straight into a wall. But they themselves don't accept it and i'll tell you why, it goes back to the roots of religion.

So many may wonder what I mean, well I mean that religion was not made by "god" but it was created by the extremely primitive man in around 50,000 BC which was a LONG time after the concept of god do you know why ? Well the reason is simple that MAN wanted total control over everything and the only way to accomplish this was to induce fear into the hearts of the lower classes so for example a knowing and educated scholar would tell the peasants that he was the messenger of  "god" and if anyone wouldn't obey him god would punish them and after this one line he just had to prove his awesome magical talents by some sort of tom foolery and done he was the messenger of god. Like hacking the mind with a sentence.

So that's how religion started and it's sole purpose was to be a kind of totalitarian form of control and to strike fear into the heart of the masses.

But why do we accept religion? Because they said so. Really we have no need to follow religion anymore because we know that we have rights to think freely and that's what matters, you all need to know that we are not the puppets of such dictators and we can work based on our own free will.

So all of you out there who do read this blog thank you for doing so and please it is our humble request do question everything because curiosity is the best teacher and probably the only one who will teach you the true working of the world.

That's it for today's post and be sure to take an in depth dive into the workings of your religion and see what's wrong with it.

So check back tomorrow where I discuss the many myths that religion is based on and punch them in the gut. Be sure to like, share and comment about if you think these are valid reasons that will lead to the start of a new world.
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