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Monday, September 7, 2015

Intel - What did you do this time !? (News 7 Sept.)

Oh my dog, uh, Intel, just, uh - Hey everyone, welcome to another post of techspacey and it's me Mario..........NO............ TechAP, and I'm so disappointed in Intel.

See this is what I'm talking about - Intel "released" their products but didn't release them. Whaaaaaat?
YES Intel's new skylake architecture is completely launched from I think the top I3 to the I7 BUT only two of them can be found online, for example the core i5 6400 is launched on ARK but not available on any online store. Anyway that just counts as not being released and so we wait till thou processors shine on our geeky hands at the crack of team blue's dawn.


Well anyways in other news .............

Apple jailbreakers got their accounts stolen



Well yes you read what you read and many of you did react that way.
Now, I swear by android but I get you applers.

So i quote from tech news world

"A data-robbing malicious software dubbed "KeyRaider" has stolen more than 225,000 valid Apple accounts and thousands of certificates, private keys and purchasing receipts, Palo Alto Networks' Unit 42 reported last week.
The firm identified the malware in cooperation with WeipTech, which found the accounts on a server while it was analyzing suspicious user-reported iOS tweaks.
KeyRaider targets Apple iPhones modified by their owners -- that is, jailbroken -- to accept third-party applications.
Cydia repositories, which contain apps designed to run on jailbroken iPhones, distributed the pernicious program, according to Palo Alto Networks. The threat appears to have impacted users from 18 countries, including China, Russia, Japan, the UK, the U.S., Canada and South Korea.
Palo Alto Networks informed Apple about the compromised credentials before making its findings public, said Ryan Olson, intelligence director of Unit 42.
"It was able to take action on them before we announced that the compromise had occurred," he told TechNewsWorld.
Apple did not respond to our request to comment for this story."

So apple users are SOL.

So that's it for today's news and be sure to like, comment and share this post with your fellow techies.
This is TechAP signing out.


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