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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Getting a new PC ? - Read this

Hey guys welcome to another post of techspacey by me TechAP and yes I am posting a day later because I had no idea about what to write yesterday so here I am back up with an idea.

So it dawned on me that many people out there in the coming holidays were planning to build, buy or get custom built PCs either to have for themselves or give out as a gift and they didn't know what to buy so here is a guide.

Raspberry PI 2 model B
First and foremost - check whom you are buying it for. If you are buying the PC for your grandma don't get her a $1000 gaming PC. Get something like an HP AIO (all in one). or even just a raspberry pi - no seriously there is a mini PC called a raspberry pi. It's $35 and can handle your grandma's cookbook PDFs.

Gaming PC

BUT don't get your game savvy nephew, niece, son etc. a dell desktop, he won't appreciate it. Instead opt for a $500 or $800 Gaming specific PC. These PC's can be man's second best friends.
So do consider them. IF you are interested in building one for yourself which I recommend you do my guide for that will be coming shortly or there are many guides available online.

Twix (I coudn't find an image for a perfect PC)
AND finally we have the perfect PC. The PC that will work for you by providing more brainpower than muscle power. These PCs can't handle games too well but throw them a photoshop OR two and they will crunch it down like a tasty twix (Yuuuuuuummmmy.) I run such a PC with a powerful core I5 but a dimwitted intel HD graphics.


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