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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Free software (dom)

Hey guys welcome to a special post of Techspacey on SATURDAY by me, the only non sick blogger on this blog, TechAP.

Well today's post is not very intriguing because well nothing much is majorly going on and most of the new tech news will come after PAX Prime. So yeah, nothing of much interest till next Tuesday, yeah you will have to hold those curiosity horses.

But what today's news does tell you about are was to make a very nice computer on the cheap.

So you bought a HP computer with, say DOS or Linux Ubuntu or built a cheap PC based on a very cheap On-board processor.

Well there is only so much you can do before your $50 super cheap OMG PC becomes a $150 SOL PC when you buy software like windows ($100) OR MS office ($120). Mostly people pirate such software, which is (a) Illegal and (b) Just downright unsafe.

Well what do you do that is not (a) Illegal and (b) Just downright unsafe ?
Enter free software.

Now many people say "nothing is free" well i'll tell you naysayers - in today's times stuff is free and is goooood, so let's begin.

Operating systems :

Now, Now, hold up everyone knows windows is the Sacred OS of the world (face it Apple) but there are many others, the most famous being Ubuntu but it's very common so I'm not going to mention it in the list.

Elementary OS

  1. Elementary OS (The most beautiful free OS and a familiarity to Apple users, and just beautiful)
  2. Linux mint (Beautiful and customizable)
  3. SteamOS (For the cheapskate gamer in me)
So those are my favorite operating systems and if I had to give up windows I would go with either of them.

Now onto free software :

Now I am just going to mention some of the many free software categories because there are too many to mention.
Libreoffice writer

Office :
  1. Libreoffice (My personal office suite I use and I love it)
  2. WPS office ( With great looks comes great satisfaction, very modern looking.)
  3. Apache openoffice (It's just simple)
  4. SumatraPDF (Free pdf viewer, what else do you want me to say ?)

Utilities :

  1. Gimp (Who cares 'bout photoshop)
  2. 7- zip (At least it doesn't ask you to buy it)
  3. Evernote (For the occasional notedown)
So that's it for today's Techspacey post and please be sure to share comment and like. If you would like me to add some stuff to the list tell me in the comments, But if you still want paid stuff on the cheap go to :

TechAP out.


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