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Friday, August 21, 2015

Stupid Theories

Hey  guys SpacePI and TechAP here we going to write about Tech and space related and today is co-blog day so this posts consists of me and TechAP coming together with both our interests - Tech and space

But first let's talk about stupid theories and one of the great example of these is the Geocentric model in which the the earth was in the center of the solar system and the sun and all other plants revolved around it.This awful theory came up because they considered the earth to be the home of the gods and had nothing to prove this and in the real world you have to prove everything. But some genius people proved that the sun was in the center and the earth revolved around it along with other planets this was called the Heliocentric model. The geniuses who theorized and proved this were Aryabhatta,Galileo Galilei and Nicolaus Copernicus.
Many people don't know that Aryabhatta was the first to theorise the Heliocentric model (score 1 for 0) but his proof was burnt during some invasions.

Even when they were right, their theories were not even considered because they violated superstitious beliefs! OH MY SPACE! That is just stupid, which brings us back to stupid theories and what we did about them. TechAP now you can take over...........................

I see he is angry, but nothing I can do about it.

Hey guys TechAP here and as you read in the above statement by SpacePI stupid theories were a thing and in remote places they still are but in the lowest of numbers, and can anyone guess what caused this.................................. YEP you guessed it - The mighty COMPUTERS! 

OOH! Sooooooo beautiful

Anyway, computers are the major cause of deflating stupid theories and inflating true ones. With these little Einstein clones solving complex equations became much easier than before with man and machine working together on equations like this :                                           


So whatever you get the point and I think you also get pretty bored by now because...................READING. 

So I am going to end the post by saying this ----- NO MORE SUPERSTITION ! 

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