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Monday, August 31, 2015

Delay in posts

Hey guys welcome to another post on techspacey by me TechAP.
If some of you guys have noticed that we haven't posted for a few days, we apologize for that, I had problems with my PC and SpacePI was unwell. So anyways without further preamble let's get right into today's post relating to tech news.

Drones of Dakota -

Yes you read the title right, police drones in north dakota have been armed with supposedly nonlethal weapons.

What are these weapons ? You may ask, dear reader.
Well -

Tasers -              No matter if they kill 1 person every week they still are nonlethal. Whatever.

Rubber bullets - Rubber heading towards you at 1216 feet per second ( 768 miles per hour ) will put                              you to sleep, forever.

Yes all criminals in Dakota beware.


Youtube planning to kick twitch to the curb

Yes youtube has started livestreaming for gamers - 80% of the population on twitch and so it begins, the twitch-youtube war.


Just a special bit

Here goes another announcement - If any of you readers are interested in microsoft office and want to participate in a tournament check out the MOS ( Microsoft office specialist ) championship.

So that's it for today's post be sure to like comment and share this post with your fellow techies.


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