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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Computers-to build or no to build

Hey guys
Welcome to another post of techspacey by me TechAP.
And today I answer the never ending question.........

Why buy or build a PC?
Yes I know It's been answered multiples of times on the Googles BUT it's all too technical so now I give you the answer in layman's terms. So here we go.

There are a few things you would want to consider but first Ill throw a table at you. Bam! no? Fine.

Build                                                   VS                             Buy

Very customizable                                                        Slightly customizable
Requires setup                                                              Works out of the box
Needs fair pre-know                                                     Needs little pre-know
Comes with individual warranty                                  Comes with unit warranty

So that's the table and now I'll tell you what it means.

So "very customizable" is clearly an advantage for the Build side but it depends on who you are if you want just a computer buy it, if you plan to save some dough by upgrading later BUILD IT.


Requiring setup is not a disadvantage or advantage it's just do you enjoy it or not. If you have a sweet-tooth for tech you know it's not THAT MUCH fun to unbox a product but I'll tell you newbies out there, building is sooooo much fun. But again it depends on who you are.


Needing pre know is obviously a disadvantage for the Build side and no-one trust me no-one wants to research a ton for buying two things that have the same price why can't it be 1 vs 2 - 2 is better go for it. It's always 1/5 vs 2/2 what does that mean? SO if you don't want to research a lot just buy it.


Coming with individual warranty is just personal preference if can manage sending your whole pc to the repair center just for a cd drive failure then onward soldier but if can manage pulling it out of there  and sending it over then that's better because you don't sacrifice your whole PC for a obsolete form of media.


There we go it all DEPENDS in the brain dead layman's terms.

Thank you for reading this post and be sure to like and whatever those buttons tell you to do along with sharing it along with fellow techies AND layman to explain this big leader of debate.


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