Monday, August 31, 2015

Delay in posts

Hey guys welcome to another post on techspacey by me TechAP.
If some of you guys have noticed that we haven't posted for a few days, we apologize for that, I had problems with my PC and SpacePI was unwell. So anyways without further preamble let's get right into today's post relating to tech news.

Drones of Dakota -

Yes you read the title right, police drones in north dakota have been armed with supposedly nonlethal weapons.

What are these weapons ? You may ask, dear reader.
Well -

Tasers -              No matter if they kill 1 person every week they still are nonlethal. Whatever.

Rubber bullets - Rubber heading towards you at 1216 feet per second ( 768 miles per hour ) will put                              you to sleep, forever.

Yes all criminals in Dakota beware.


Youtube planning to kick twitch to the curb

Yes youtube has started livestreaming for gamers - 80% of the population on twitch and so it begins, the twitch-youtube war.


Just a special bit

Here goes another announcement - If any of you readers are interested in microsoft office and want to participate in a tournament check out the MOS ( Microsoft office specialist ) championship.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Computers-to build or no to build

Hey guys
Welcome to another post of techspacey by me TechAP.
And today I answer the never ending question.........

Why buy or build a PC?
Yes I know It's been answered multiples of times on the Googles BUT it's all too technical so now I give you the answer in layman's terms. So here we go.

There are a few things you would want to consider but first Ill throw a table at you. Bam! no? Fine.

Build                                                   VS                             Buy

Very customizable                                                        Slightly customizable
Requires setup                                                              Works out of the box
Needs fair pre-know                                                     Needs little pre-know
Comes with individual warranty                                  Comes with unit warranty

So that's the table and now I'll tell you what it means.

So "very customizable" is clearly an advantage for the Build side but it depends on who you are if you want just a computer buy it, if you plan to save some dough by upgrading later BUILD IT.


Requiring setup is not a disadvantage or advantage it's just do you enjoy it or not. If you have a sweet-tooth for tech you know it's not THAT MUCH fun to unbox a product but I'll tell you newbies out there, building is sooooo much fun. But again it depends on who you are.


Needing pre know is obviously a disadvantage for the Build side and no-one trust me no-one wants to research a ton for buying two things that have the same price why can't it be 1 vs 2 - 2 is better go for it. It's always 1/5 vs 2/2 what does that mean? SO if you don't want to research a lot just buy it.


Coming with individual warranty is just personal preference if can manage sending your whole pc to the repair center just for a cd drive failure then onward soldier but if can manage pulling it out of there  and sending it over then that's better because you don't sacrifice your whole PC for a obsolete form of media.


There we go it all DEPENDS in the brain dead layman's terms.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Fly Your Name Game (In real life)

Hey Guys,
We welcome you again to a mind-blowing post of TechSpacey and this is SpacePI
Well as it a space news day i am going tell you about a irresistible news and it is a bit stupid 
NASA's Red planet mission.....................

Well the question what is this mission?????

After you get the answer you maybe amazed or get paralyzed by excitement!!!!!
And the answer is .............. that you can send your name to mars

How is this possible ????????

Well NASA is holding a campaign know as Fly Your Name in which the Insight Spacecraft will Fly Your Name to mars.

Now are you imagining how the spacecraft can Fly Your NAME????

Well the answer is simple if you know what is a silicon micro chip (if you don't know visit the link so now you know what is a silicon chip, Nasa is goning to write the names on the silicon chip which going to placed in the spacecraft.

NASA did the same thing last year  NASA's Orion spacecraft in which almost 1.38 million people participated. 
The fly-your-name opportunity also comes with “frequent flier” points to reflect an individual's personal participation in NASA’s journey to Mars, which will span multiple missions and multiple decades.
 So go vist and register so that you get your name on marsInSight will launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California in March 2016 and land on Mars Sept. 28, 2016.
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Monday, August 24, 2015

Tech news on 24th August 2015

Hey guys
Welcome to another post of Techspacey I am TechAP and now tech news

Well this news is a few days old but still is shocking and many people don't even know.

I am here with some Tech news relating to the BIG G - Google - and their little problem called .....................WAIT FOR IT......................................


Yes data loss but it's just 0.000001% says google. OK

BUT how did this happen ? You may ask.

Well dear reader LIGHTNING is what caused it.

Lightening struck the google data centers on 19th August 4 consecutive times and fused the systems there but as said above little data was lost. So you need not worry .........................OK.

NEXT UP ........................ Android

The name of Android's next version is going to be ................. MARSHMALLOW

Developers got a first look at the new operating system back in May, during Google's I/O conference. Google gave the final version of Android Marshmallow to developers on Monday, and it will launch to the public in the fall.
Android Marshmallow focuses on subtle improvements to the user experience, including squashing a ton of bugs and overhauling basic features. The biggest addition is Android Pay, Google's latest take on mobile payments. It's pretty similar to Apple Pay, and a big improvement over Google Wallet, the companies earlier attempt at a mobile wallet.
Other Android M improvements include a new permissions tool that gives users more control over what data they share with apps. There are battery saving features, in Marshmallow, as well as a new tool that lets you open Chrome browser tabs directly inside apps instead of asking users to choose between Chrome and an app.
So that's all the news for today check back tomorrow for some space news by SpacePI 
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Friday, August 21, 2015

Stupid Theories

Hey  guys SpacePI and TechAP here we going to write about Tech and space related and today is co-blog day so this posts consists of me and TechAP coming together with both our interests - Tech and space

But first let's talk about stupid theories and one of the great example of these is the Geocentric model in which the the earth was in the center of the solar system and the sun and all other plants revolved around it.This awful theory came up because they considered the earth to be the home of the gods and had nothing to prove this and in the real world you have to prove everything. But some genius people proved that the sun was in the center and the earth revolved around it along with other planets this was called the Heliocentric model. The geniuses who theorized and proved this were Aryabhatta,Galileo Galilei and Nicolaus Copernicus.
Many people don't know that Aryabhatta was the first to theorise the Heliocentric model (score 1 for 0) but his proof was burnt during some invasions.

Even when they were right, their theories were not even considered because they violated superstitious beliefs! OH MY SPACE! That is just stupid, which brings us back to stupid theories and what we did about them. TechAP now you can take over...........................

I see he is angry, but nothing I can do about it.

Hey guys TechAP here and as you read in the above statement by SpacePI stupid theories were a thing and in remote places they still are but in the lowest of numbers, and can anyone guess what caused this.................................. YEP you guessed it - The mighty COMPUTERS! 

OOH! Sooooooo beautiful

Anyway, computers are the major cause of deflating stupid theories and inflating true ones. With these little Einstein clones solving complex equations became much easier than before with man and machine working together on equations like this :                                           


So whatever you get the point and I think you also get pretty bored by now because...................READING. 

So I am going to end the post by saying this ----- NO MORE SUPERSTITION ! 

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Sorry guys the registration for the Fly Your name is closed on 25-9-15/d-m-y

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Times and tables

Hey guys

This is weekly time-table for our blog.

Here it goes

Monday           Tuesday            Wednesday       Thursday         Friday      

Tech News       Space News      Tech talk          Space talk        Co-blog / specials

.....So that's how it's going to work and weekends are unpredictable (may / may not post) so they are not included.

SO that's it and I hope SpacePI's post goes up soon

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P.S If you think this was boring here is a cute cat picture ........................................... .


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