Monday, September 28, 2015

Tech news on 28th September

Well Hullo peoples of the universe(s) me is da best mlg noscope with huge .guhbr gvilogvh .h.........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................h..g/wgh Hey every one it's TechAP just ye old blogga, not turned into some Alien Robot Hippie thing with a PC master race addiction, So let's start with destruction of the world with news.
(I think they bought it. )

Apple has been infected by worms (hehe)

Oh what's that ? Oh you mean like no? Oh you mean Macs never get a virus? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Because I heard that like a hundred store Oh I mean APP store apps got corrupted and guess what.........................MACs GOT REKT SOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!
OH yea that's right over a hundred apps on the "APP-STORE" have been currupted by malware, spyware, adware, junkware, underware, all sorts of ware you can think of .
VICTORY...I mean ....... That's Soooooooooo SAAAAAD.


So that's the only prime news for today's post sorry I don't have time for writing more, because I am working on something for the blog you will know a few weeks later. But there is also good news -

Success Kid

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hacking - Why U So Easy ? (I'm not complaining)

Hey guys it's me techspacey and guess where I was about 10 minutes ago ...................In the ultimate hacking OS - Kali Linux , and now I greatly regret not adding it to my free os list under the nonexistent hacker catagory.

So you may have heard about kali and wondered what the big hoopla was, well it's about the major hacker community out there who just craves the power of linux in an easy way. And kali is it.

Now let's back up a bit and you maybe asking the question - Isn't hacking illegal ? And the answer is yes and no. You see there are two types of hacking unethical and ethical and something in the middle.
And what you do with your hacking skills puts you in either of the categories. So if you want to learn a bit of kali hacking download it from here : and to learn hacking go here : .

So there we go and when you do start learning kali this will be relevant

    The quieter you are, the more you can hear.

Shhhhhhh. I'm out.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Something a bit different - TechAP

Hey everyone welcome to another post of techspacey and today I the supreme leader of the internet TechAP will do something new. I will do news, yes but not now, later.

So what is this new thing you may ask well this time I want to make a request and I am going to give some tech advice. So let's start.

  1. Energy efficient computing - For all of you people who either live in a small place or want a small power efficient computer or even gaming pc consider pcs like the raspberry pi for basic computing and something like the gigabyte brix for gaming.
  2.  If you are going to build/buy a new pc consider using old parts like hard drives, ram or even case if you don't care about the looks of your pc or if you like your old pc case.
  3. And finally be sure to hunt down the best prices for the parts/electronics you are looking for.

But now I have a request, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please DO COMMENT ON ANY OF OUR POSTS it helps build our confidence and we even have a anonymous comment feature so again please comment it gives us new purpose for writing the blog everyday.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The internet is a bane (TechAP does not agree) - Mini Essay

The Internet is a bane - Essay 

Hey guys welcome to an other content  post on Techspacey by me but not by me TechAP it's actually by my friend who does want to be mentioned so look at the end of the post for her name . It's an essay which I almost don't agree with. ALMOST.

The internet today is the most exploited invention of mankind .It's misuses has outnumbered it's advantage and each of us have experienced this in some form or other. This has made life an open book.It is a free-for-all-scene,where without one's knowledge his world is open to all.
Internet has moved out science friction to reality of our living rooms.What has been a dream is now a reality.But this technology is not only spoiling the social fabric but also removing morality from the human heart. Crime today has stopped so low that we need to redefine it. The net has become a playground of rogues and great temptation for the innocent.It is is being used extensively for wrong purpose.

- Avni Gupta.

Tech talk - Recycling PCs

Hey everyone welcome to another post of techspacey by me TechAP and yes I didn't post on monday, I was travelling but now I'm back with a kind of request. 

So around a week ago I was just watching ye old videos about tech especially PCs and thought to myself, how many people had a PC just laying around doing nothing. And how many techies would like to just have them to experiment on. So if you are one of the generous giving non-tech kind and for some reason read this blog (Thank you for that) then please help the techie clan out there by selling/giving out your old pc to your nearest techie or grandma who could use it and do the world a favor by not wasting those old PCs OR you could do something great with them like making a media centre pc and having it sit beside your tv for those occasional couch party. 

So again help the techie save the world. 

TechAP out.

Oh yes you know how I was blabbering about new content It'll be up in a few hours.

Guys you can also give your pc to us please contact us.   

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Superstition eradication (part 2)

Hey guys welcome to a continued post of Techspacey that started HERE and if haven't read it do it now because the story continues.

So we were at google telling us that 65% of the world's population considering god and religion and it's figures the major guiding forces of the universe etc. etc. and now we continue.

So when we found out about this huge number of people dumping science on the road and heading head-first into religion, well guess what BAM! They ploughed straight into a wall. But they themselves don't accept it and i'll tell you why, it goes back to the roots of religion.

So many may wonder what I mean, well I mean that religion was not made by "god" but it was created by the extremely primitive man in around 50,000 BC which was a LONG time after the concept of god do you know why ? Well the reason is simple that MAN wanted total control over everything and the only way to accomplish this was to induce fear into the hearts of the lower classes so for example a knowing and educated scholar would tell the peasants that he was the messenger of  "god" and if anyone wouldn't obey him god would punish them and after this one line he just had to prove his awesome magical talents by some sort of tom foolery and done he was the messenger of god. Like hacking the mind with a sentence.

So that's how religion started and it's sole purpose was to be a kind of totalitarian form of control and to strike fear into the heart of the masses.

But why do we accept religion? Because they said so. Really we have no need to follow religion anymore because we know that we have rights to think freely and that's what matters, you all need to know that we are not the puppets of such dictators and we can work based on our own free will.

So all of you out there who do read this blog thank you for doing so and please it is our humble request do question everything because curiosity is the best teacher and probably the only one who will teach you the true working of the world.

That's it for today's post and be sure to take an in depth dive into the workings of your religion and see what's wrong with it.

So check back tomorrow where I discuss the many myths that religion is based on and punch them in the gut. Be sure to like, share and comment about if you think these are valid reasons that will lead to the start of a new world.
I don't have image for today's topic Sooo cats

Friday, September 11, 2015

New content and superstition eradication

Hey guys welcome to techspacey and I - TechAP am back with another post and a special announcement. So let's get started.

So the first thing I want to talk about is the expansion of the type of content on the blog, yes I know that it's called Techspacey which is tech and space BUT my intention with this blog was to eradicate superstitious, false and mythical thoughts and technology and space are the top contenders that can be used to prove the falseness in these beliefs. As me and SpacePI mentioned HERE there were many false theories when man was naive.

But today I found out by a friend of mine that people's opinion can also bring about change in mass thinking so I am going to guest authors write some content in some weeks but till then this post is meant to tell you the history of this blog and MANY years before it. And if you haven't noticed yet we (Me and SpacePI) are 13. Just saying

So I guess now we get started.


So just a preamble of sorts, anything i write after this is a kind of vague history of this blog but i am not going to mention any of our names because I don't feel like it.

Stars in the mind of some people
It all started when me and my friend (SpacePI) were at school and were just blankly talking about our passions - Tech and Space. So I started talking about space - black holes etc. And a few others joined into the conversation and I was shocked to know that many of them knew little to no knowledge about space. I mean really - like stars being like (look at the image) and the big bang theory was blown out by things like creation of the Earth by god. And if you read the previous statement and said - well god did make the universe, you have two options - RUN or Stay And Listen because things are going to get pretty anti-god out there. So if you do want to truly learn how it all started stay put because this is going to be a long read.

The beginning of the end of superstition

So are all the naysayers gone. GOOD. Now we can proceed.
Yes as I was saying those were the beliefs of a few of my friends and we(Me and SpacePI) were surprised how much of they didn't even question. Now the rebels in us raged as we swore to try and eradicate all these stupid beliefs and show everyone the only truth - Science.

We needed a way to make this Idea public and us living in the internet era was a major 1+ to that idea. And so we came together with few more if our friends who also questioned stupid beliefs to spread the news. And today here I am writhing this post about how things are gonna go down.
We have many things in mind for the future of the blog and introducing more and more variety of content every time to end this reign of non-scientific talk and the beginning of the true modern era.

So that was the history of the blog but what about the main history of us itself. Well reader here you go.

So we are in India (if you haven' t noticed by the .in in the url) the land of many religions AND guess what..................SUPERSTITIOUS BELIEFS. So yea 'dat irony. But if you question how we went from being part of one of the most religious countries in the world to being wielders of anti-god weapons, consider this - WE AREN'T PUPPETS. We have free thoughts and capabilities to question and we question the multiple Racist, Sexist and inhuman beliefs and practices that religion holds.
And that is how it all pretty much started.

And this is the story of what became of it -

So after we decided we would pretty much question everything that mythical / religious "history" throws at us. But before we started whaling at deities we dug a little deeper to see what the modern god GOOGLE said and well it was as expected - WE WON. But this was only the first battle, there will be many more along the way. Anyway google told us that approximately 65% of the world's population considered religion and god the guiding forces. And that's what lit the fire. Just like cavemen, a transfer to the new era. The era of science.

TechAP out.

Hey guys major cliffhanger there huh ? Don't worry tune in tomorrow for the rest of the story.  BUT for now the announcement is that there will be other posts regarding many other world matters such as pollution etc. written by my other friends.

So be sure to comment share and like this post and thanks for putting up with me.

TechAP out.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Getting a new PC ? - Read this

Hey guys welcome to another post of techspacey by me TechAP and yes I am posting a day later because I had no idea about what to write yesterday so here I am back up with an idea.

So it dawned on me that many people out there in the coming holidays were planning to build, buy or get custom built PCs either to have for themselves or give out as a gift and they didn't know what to buy so here is a guide.

Raspberry PI 2 model B
First and foremost - check whom you are buying it for. If you are buying the PC for your grandma don't get her a $1000 gaming PC. Get something like an HP AIO (all in one). or even just a raspberry pi - no seriously there is a mini PC called a raspberry pi. It's $35 and can handle your grandma's cookbook PDFs.

Gaming PC

BUT don't get your game savvy nephew, niece, son etc. a dell desktop, he won't appreciate it. Instead opt for a $500 or $800 Gaming specific PC. These PC's can be man's second best friends.
So do consider them. IF you are interested in building one for yourself which I recommend you do my guide for that will be coming shortly or there are many guides available online.

Twix (I coudn't find an image for a perfect PC)
AND finally we have the perfect PC. The PC that will work for you by providing more brainpower than muscle power. These PCs can't handle games too well but throw them a photoshop OR two and they will crunch it down like a tasty twix (Yuuuuuuummmmy.) I run such a PC with a powerful core I5 but a dimwitted intel HD graphics.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Intel - What did you do this time !? (News 7 Sept.)

Oh my dog, uh, Intel, just, uh - Hey everyone, welcome to another post of techspacey and it's me Mario..........NO............ TechAP, and I'm so disappointed in Intel.

See this is what I'm talking about - Intel "released" their products but didn't release them. Whaaaaaat?
YES Intel's new skylake architecture is completely launched from I think the top I3 to the I7 BUT only two of them can be found online, for example the core i5 6400 is launched on ARK but not available on any online store. Anyway that just counts as not being released and so we wait till thou processors shine on our geeky hands at the crack of team blue's dawn.


Well anyways in other news .............

Apple jailbreakers got their accounts stolen



Well yes you read what you read and many of you did react that way.
Now, I swear by android but I get you applers.

So i quote from tech news world

"A data-robbing malicious software dubbed "KeyRaider" has stolen more than 225,000 valid Apple accounts and thousands of certificates, private keys and purchasing receipts, Palo Alto Networks' Unit 42 reported last week.
The firm identified the malware in cooperation with WeipTech, which found the accounts on a server while it was analyzing suspicious user-reported iOS tweaks.
KeyRaider targets Apple iPhones modified by their owners -- that is, jailbroken -- to accept third-party applications.
Cydia repositories, which contain apps designed to run on jailbroken iPhones, distributed the pernicious program, according to Palo Alto Networks. The threat appears to have impacted users from 18 countries, including China, Russia, Japan, the UK, the U.S., Canada and South Korea.
Palo Alto Networks informed Apple about the compromised credentials before making its findings public, said Ryan Olson, intelligence director of Unit 42.
"It was able to take action on them before we announced that the compromise had occurred," he told TechNewsWorld.
Apple did not respond to our request to comment for this story."

So apple users are SOL.

So that's it for today's news and be sure to like, comment and share this post with your fellow techies.
This is TechAP signing out.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Free software (dom)

Hey guys welcome to a special post of Techspacey on SATURDAY by me, the only non sick blogger on this blog, TechAP.

Well today's post is not very intriguing because well nothing much is majorly going on and most of the new tech news will come after PAX Prime. So yeah, nothing of much interest till next Tuesday, yeah you will have to hold those curiosity horses.

But what today's news does tell you about are was to make a very nice computer on the cheap.

So you bought a HP computer with, say DOS or Linux Ubuntu or built a cheap PC based on a very cheap On-board processor.

Well there is only so much you can do before your $50 super cheap OMG PC becomes a $150 SOL PC when you buy software like windows ($100) OR MS office ($120). Mostly people pirate such software, which is (a) Illegal and (b) Just downright unsafe.

Well what do you do that is not (a) Illegal and (b) Just downright unsafe ?
Enter free software.

Now many people say "nothing is free" well i'll tell you naysayers - in today's times stuff is free and is goooood, so let's begin.

Operating systems :

Now, Now, hold up everyone knows windows is the Sacred OS of the world (face it Apple) but there are many others, the most famous being Ubuntu but it's very common so I'm not going to mention it in the list.

Elementary OS

  1. Elementary OS (The most beautiful free OS and a familiarity to Apple users, and just beautiful)
  2. Linux mint (Beautiful and customizable)
  3. SteamOS (For the cheapskate gamer in me)
So those are my favorite operating systems and if I had to give up windows I would go with either of them.

Now onto free software :

Now I am just going to mention some of the many free software categories because there are too many to mention.
Libreoffice writer

Office :
  1. Libreoffice (My personal office suite I use and I love it)
  2. WPS office ( With great looks comes great satisfaction, very modern looking.)
  3. Apache openoffice (It's just simple)
  4. SumatraPDF (Free pdf viewer, what else do you want me to say ?)

Utilities :

  1. Gimp (Who cares 'bout photoshop)
  2. 7- zip (At least it doesn't ask you to buy it)
  3. Evernote (For the occasional notedown)
So that's it for today's Techspacey post and please be sure to share comment and like. If you would like me to add some stuff to the list tell me in the comments, But if you still want paid stuff on the cheap go to :

TechAP out.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A wish of mine - TechAP

You know, I have always wished.
Wished that

All companies would stop their petty squabbles and make their stupid products better!!!

This is what bothers me the most ^  This stupendous act of getting more market shares by kicking each other's butts (products) with equally flawed butts (products). Every time I have wanted to buy ANYTHING I had to decide, do I want a cheaply built product that works flawlessly or do I want a premium product where EVERYTHING IS PROPRIETARY ( you who I'am talking about ).


Now consider this -

An Iphone 5s ( 'cuz 6 dosen't look good )

With Android


YES beautiful body no proprietary software or paying for everything.

Done AND Done.

SO I am now going to end this post by asking you guys to post your favorite phone combo and post it down below.

And for the haters - CAN'T A MAN DREAM.

So thank you guys for reading this post of techspacey by me TechAP and be sure to like, share and COMMENT about your favphone.