Friday, October 30, 2015

FIFA 16 - Uhhhhhhhhhh again!


Hey guys today we are going to talk about the FOOTBALL GAME (hehe shots fired). Okay I am NOT a FIFA kind of person because FIFA is for sissies / sissys ? Whatever they are not for PC gamers. But I have played a fifa game (don't judge me bros).

FIFA 16 released on september-22-2015  is a football/soccer game. And the base is just the same with top-doen 8.5 bit graphics a huge .01% increase that fans drool over AMI right ?

So I don't get the game this is just me defecating on it. The real review may be done by RAVE or WHIZ but IDK. I am just here to market this stuff heheheheheh.
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Is pc gaming dying

DA DA daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......... Sorry this is a serious topic of death.............the death of PC gaming.

SO yea this is a big question among PC gamers and peeps be having their own opinions BUT this should be the definitive until 2018 because we know 9th gen consoles are not going anywhere but PC are (Shots fired) amI right ? amI riiight????


Okay we all know which option I WOULD go for (a) but let's go with the other option (c)

So in today's day and age where consumers are the life of the company prosumers, and other "elite" class technologists are suffering. The best example of this was  WATCH DOGS one of my favorite games - MESSED UP : take a look

Sooooo what would be the cruel thing that caused this - Wellllllllllllllllll I'm not saying it's consoles butttt................ehhhhhhhhh..........IT'S CONSOLES.

Now many of you may be asking why this happened well the E3 part you see was shown on hardware that if physically expressed looks like :

While consoles run on hardware like :

SO that is the prime cause of the death of PC gaming  but is it really that bad ?

Today consoles are much, much more inferior than PCs but the 9th or 10th gen consoles may catch up.

So that may be the cause of PC gamers lessening.
BUT they keyboard and mouse are still the best weapons to use virtual weapons. And PC graphics are awesome.

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mark of the Ninja- No Controllers PLEASE

Yes i did the impossible, I played it with KBM and it was 10 times better than what you would think.

Mark of the ninja is a game that on first look you will be like 'what the hell is this shit' but as you play it, oh mama this game will your mind. This game is close to perfection with its magic and smooth flowing gameplay i would recommend this to any stealth fanatic. It was originally just a game in xbox live but soon caught the eye of steam.

There is also a level system where you choose how to spend the points you have collected, whether it may be distractions or abilities that is your choice. I personally upgraded all my abilities but that's up to you.

This has come in many top stealth game lists.

The game makes u feel like a badass that can takedown people in an a nice way.

This is a look at the gameplay
After the 8th level things get tedious and you will loose interest but for the most part it is a hell load of fun.This game is super easy to run. Even if u have a laptop that is 3 stinking years old u will be grand to run this game.It is the old looks of 2d platforming but the new mechanics like the Mark of serenity, a cool ability where u can teleport or the ability to literally make a wooden kunai in 3 seconds.

+ amazing graphics
+awesome cutscenes
-gets tedious
-more abilities
+amazing stealth and gaming experience
- The game is only 2d.

this can very well be the best stealth game.

This is highly recommended for anyone who has wants to have fun for a cheap price.
price of this game on steam is 14.99$
price of this game on steam in a sale is 2.74 $
price on g2a all the time is $2.34

SO buy it here :

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Delays and Puppies (UNRELATED)

Hey everyone techAP here on techspacey and yes there has been a delay in a lot of the posts because of exams at school but we will be back and running starting november 8th with full force we have many things planned out. So sorry but please stay put.

She's so cute
NOW for my Indian audience out there specially the dog-lovers I have an announcement.
My my aunt had found a dog on the streets of pune. She is a Rottweiler-Doberman mix breed and is a month old. 

Now a few points to cover about the pup

She simply adores having everyone around and very friendly with cats too ! 
She will bring pure joy and love, wherever she will go. 
She has no name.

This girl is in paid foster care. If needed, my aunt can get her to any place in Pune or Mumbai.

Please spread the word about her, share the post and help me find loving family for this bundle of joy !
You can reach my aunt on 9821265877, preferably post 7 pm IST.
UPDATE: YAY ! she has been adopted everyone I am sooooo happy

Now all my techy and gamer readers if you are in need of a companion for your fortress of solitude. Please consider adopting the pup and just adoption in general, you don't need a pure breed all dogs are just as cute and loyal. They make the perfect companions.

So that's it for today guys and be sure to spread the word about the pup. 
TechAP out

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Syber Cecurity Sources (Well Chit)

Hyllo yevryone how r u doing. You see what I did there I got HACKED or glitched or GHACKED YEA I got GHACKED.

Hey everyone TechAP here and today I am here to talk to you about cyber security more specifically learning about cyber security.

Ok this is not a fake work from home easy money hoax this is a course for you to learn cyber security but well nobody gives a defecation about THAT. What we care about is a little something called HACKING. YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Ok cybrary provides couses for hacking so what they have to be like a million dollars a second right ? NO they are freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Well TechAP what's the catch? No catch.

So that's it ? NOOOOOOOOO cybrary is also providing jobs for you guys check them out here :



Friday, October 9, 2015

Old gold in games


Sorry for the delayed post.


Writers note. : this is before the ps2 era otherwise it would just be all ps2 (duh). this is list is no way in order so if one of your favourite games are in lower ranks, don't get your pitchforks nor your shot guns.

10.   Starfox 64

Image result for Starfox 64
Everyone loves Starfox, the people who haven't played Starfox love it so i ask you one good reason why you wouldn't choose it. While u answer DO A BARREL ROLE.

9.   Doom 

Image result for DoomBoy OH boy this one rocked me to my core when i bought it. Fresh out of the box. Until this game no one knew hell had that much weaponry neither did they know it could be SO MUCH FUN. 

8.   Super Mario 64

Image result for super mario 64Another one of Nintendo's amazing games that blew me visually and gameplay wise. I just don't have much to say about this except ITS A ME-A MARIO

7.   SNES Donkey kong country
For the time this game melted my eyes with its graphics. This was the first game (correct me if I am wrong) that had a 2.5D aim. ALSO ITS SO GOOOOOOOOOOD

Image result for snes donkey kong country 

6.   Banjo Kazooie
This game had everything going on for itself. No joke once i finished this game i cried for it being over. With its tight controls, awesome gameplay and soothing music this definitely earned a spot in my list. The only thing that didn't grab my attention was the story.(again my opinion, i am not thrashing it)

Image result for banjo kazooie

5.   Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 

How can there be a list of good old games without this Legend-ary game. If you wanna play this games on drugs it will still be as good. All the Legend of Zelda games have always had a special place in my heart just for the sheer fact that in this world, that kind of adventure and exploration cannot be found anymore. I would say that Witcher is the only correct step in the future of adventure games, Witcher 3 that is. Anyhoo Can u even go wrong without the ocarina.

Image result for the legend of zelda ocarina of time

4. Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask
Now I haven't had the chance to play the game so I dont know much about it so sorry that i can't provide a good thought of the game. I know that there are 23 (correct me if i am wrong in the comments) masks that give Link the ability to transform temporarily.

Image result for the legend of zelda majora's mask

3. Super Mario Bros. SNES
This is my first game that i ever, EVER played. I have played the shit out of this game and each moment is cherished. This is just a Whiff of nostalgia in my eyes. when i talk about this Mario game, I basically talk about all. RIP Shigeru Miyamoto you changed my childhood and you are the 
reason I am in this vast world of gaming.

Image result for super mario bros

2. Street Fighter for the SNES
I don't take this game seriously but when I would old-school LAN Party this shit.
My friends and me would have blast shouryokening or hadoukening each other. 
Image result for street fighter 2



1. Conkers Bad Fur Day

Thats right this game is the second RAREWARE game and damn do i love this game.
This game has it all. 
Comedy= check
Potty mouth= check
good gameplay = check
music that blows your frigging mind out = check

Overall best platformer.

thank you for reading please comment for suggestions