Friday, November 27, 2015

Rant on INDIAN steam store

When i said Hey sweet a new update on Steam  (something that doesn't dick me over(looking at you microsoft)), after half an hour i soon regret pressing the restart steam button.

The damn thing took out some of my beloved games which is a big freaking deal
i love those games, Fallout 3, dishonored and super meat boy are some of the few gems that the indian store has taken away. Of course you can always buy it from G2A or some other website. My main problem to this is the fact that in india, there aren't many PC gamers so when someone does want to shift it is obvious for him to find Steam.
We PC gamers already have alot of shit going for us already like the bullshitty ports and the billion drivers we install. The only good thing that came out of this is that the existing games currencies changed to indian rupees which is nice as this avoids to have me checking for the indian rupees cost.
but that doesn't make up even half of the shit valve pulled out on us.

If you are an Indian gamer who likes playing indie also and not just mainstream well then my heart goes out to you.

Comment if you are an indian gamer and hate this bullshit.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The fake easycap that worked (utv007)

Hey everyone its been really long and many of have left because now we have some other stuff to do more on that later.

Today I am going to review the easycap utv007 - which is a av/rca (composite) capture card that allows you to capture your old composite dvd player or your snes, ps2 or anything else that supports a composite jack.

So i bought this thing for the thing we are starting and took an hour hunting down the drivers with many fakes on the line because easycap is not a brand its just a name chinese manufacturers use to signify the Easieness of the Captureness.

ANyways this is what the thing looks like :

So this thing has many forms and goes from cheap to cheap and 1 so if someone is selling it to you for anything more than $15 leave it alone.

anyway the device works flawlessly but is a bit hard to use.

SO heres a tutorial 

  1. Download the drivers HERE ps. i don't know which drivers will work for you so these are the ones i trust
  2. And the recording software HERE
Now once everything is installed open obs and and a source and add a video capture device name it anything and select the name of your capture device : you can check this in device manager.

And you are done with the config of the capture device now just connect the corresponding wires (R,W,Y) and start capturing.

Now for the thing we are starting a youtube channel, further details will be released later so be tuned.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Essay - Imagine yourself living in a refuge camp in Syria

Hey Guys,
This is Tech Rave. I am now going to  post essays also in the month of November. This is because some changes are sometimes good.
Well the topic of the essay is already mentioned.

I am not going against any one in this topic and please do not take it in a wrong way.

Oh! I wish I could find my father.There is no doubt that civil wars are the greatest catastrophe that can befall upon human beings.It all began on March 2011 in Syria. The bombing , air missiles ,mines , violence and the chemical weapons.It is a very long civil war which is still continuing .I now live with my mother and two brothers in a small refuge camp.The trouble began in Deraa,when fifteen children where arrested and brutally tortured for writing anti government graffiti.
                   Syria is now embroiled in brutal civil war with lots of massacre and killing.I had to run helter-skelter just to get a loaf of bread and sometimes go without anything.At first the protesters wanted more democracy and greater freedom, but the government misinterpreted and open fired killing every body in their way.My father was walking on the streets when the police arrived and mistook him to be a member of the militant  group.Now I fear for him so much because,I keep hearing about the ruthless torture in the state prison.My father was a simple man and was not connected with any political group.Our house had been destroyed and everything was over.But my mother took great difficulties and protected us,she used to go without food for days and used to tie her stomach with a rope so that  she does not feel hungry. But I don't know how long would this go on.There is a lot of shelling which happens every day and once they had captured me and put me in cell with lots of other children.They used to hang our wrist to the ceiling and used to hit us with rods and sometimes even used electricity.I was not given food for three days.before they set me free. Every time there was a clash between the militant group and the armed forces our life used to get disrupted and we would shuttle from here to there.Many people have already started fleeing the country.All my families and my friends are in threos of pain .I always feel scared for my father and wait for his arrival.
                 Well,I don't think Syria would get peace for a long time.I am just waiting for my chance to flee from this country and waiting  desperately for my father.It would take me atleast fifty to seventy years or a life time to forget all this.Oh!this place is the worst nightmare and this prooves that there is no humanity in the people around us.

A picture of Syria

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