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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Delays and Puppies (UNRELATED)

Hey everyone techAP here on techspacey and yes there has been a delay in a lot of the posts because of exams at school but we will be back and running starting november 8th with full force we have many things planned out. So sorry but please stay put.

She's so cute
NOW for my Indian audience out there specially the dog-lovers I have an announcement.
My my aunt had found a dog on the streets of pune. She is a Rottweiler-Doberman mix breed and is a month old. 

Now a few points to cover about the pup

She simply adores having everyone around and very friendly with cats too ! 
She will bring pure joy and love, wherever she will go. 
She has no name.

This girl is in paid foster care. If needed, my aunt can get her to any place in Pune or Mumbai.

Please spread the word about her, share the post and help me find loving family for this bundle of joy !
You can reach my aunt on 9821265877, preferably post 7 pm IST.
UPDATE: YAY ! she has been adopted everyone I am sooooo happy

Now all my techy and gamer readers if you are in need of a companion for your fortress of solitude. Please consider adopting the pup and just adoption in general, you don't need a pure breed all dogs are just as cute and loyal. They make the perfect companions.

So that's it for today guys and be sure to spread the word about the pup. 
TechAP out


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