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Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Apple Pencil

Hey guys,

Here is an another interesting post from Tech Rave on The Apple Pencil .

Touch of course is a primary method of interaction on the ipad but  we often face problems, that is why apple came out with apple pencil .It would enhance what ever possible with multi-touch and increase the level of precision.

I am so sure that all of you will say "why do we by a $99 apple pencil when it is just a stylus".

It is not a regular stylus, Apple Pencil is a digital stylus and input device, designed by Apple Inc.
The bad part is that it will work only on Ipad Pro or most of the products after that. Apple pencil was announced on September 9,2015, and will be released in November 2015.Well, the apple pencil was made so that it would give the comforts of a normal pencil.You might be Tired of finding chargers, do not worry you just need to remove the cap from the back and put it in the front,and insert the pencil into  Ipad  Pro .That's it!!

This began by re-engineering the touch system of the ipad which began by almost changing the sensitivity of the display. The apple pencil has sensors which sense the curve and the amount of pressure which is being put. The sensors are highly responsible built at the tip of the sensor make all this possible.The tilt of  the pencil changes the font width.With force data you can press lightly to get a thin stroke while if you press harder you get a darker bolder stroke.Its unique tip signature allows it to be used simultaneously with your finger.

With incredible low latency it has a responsiveness that feels like a true writing or drawing instrument and that is what differentiates an apple pencil from an ordinary stylus.

I highly recommend it for architects and artists.

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