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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mark of the Ninja- No Controllers PLEASE

Yes i did the impossible, I played it with KBM and it was 10 times better than what you would think.

Mark of the ninja is a game that on first look you will be like 'what the hell is this shit' but as you play it, oh mama this game will your mind. This game is close to perfection with its magic and smooth flowing gameplay i would recommend this to any stealth fanatic. It was originally just a game in xbox live but soon caught the eye of steam.

There is also a level system where you choose how to spend the points you have collected, whether it may be distractions or abilities that is your choice. I personally upgraded all my abilities but that's up to you.

This has come in many top stealth game lists.

The game makes u feel like a badass that can takedown people in an a nice way.

This is a look at the gameplay
After the 8th level things get tedious and you will loose interest but for the most part it is a hell load of fun.This game is super easy to run. Even if u have a laptop that is 3 stinking years old u will be grand to run this game.It is the old looks of 2d platforming but the new mechanics like the Mark of serenity, a cool ability where u can teleport or the ability to literally make a wooden kunai in 3 seconds.

+ amazing graphics
+awesome cutscenes
-gets tedious
-more abilities
+amazing stealth and gaming experience
- The game is only 2d.

this can very well be the best stealth game.

This is highly recommended for anyone who has wants to have fun for a cheap price.
price of this game on steam is 14.99$
price of this game on steam in a sale is 2.74 $
price on g2a all the time is $2.34

SO buy it here :


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