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Friday, October 2, 2015

Mini PCs - Workponies (Geddit ?)

Hey-O it's me TechAP here on Techspacey with another post about mini PCs.

So in my post here I talked about what PC you should buy well I kinda went over mini PCs and now I have brought to you a more elaborated guide about mini PCs and which should you buy.

So first we will start we the kind of low - end to mid end PC before moving on to major companies.

  1. CappuccinoPC : So I got in cappuccinoPC and they have some really good mini PCs for digital signage and just casual workloads the basic models start from $300. If you think it's worth it go to  
  2. Stealth PC : A small company that makes really competitive PC , and if you want them to be, with desktop intel processors. For more info goto :
  3. Fit PC : The most competitive small-company PC manufacturer with a wide range of products from super basic to HARDCORE! Goto :
Now let's get to the biggies :
  1. The Gigabyte brix : The gigabyte brix is a gaming PC. Oh did I mention it was a mini PC. ................................................................Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? YES YES YES it's a mini PC with a desktop graphics card . Whaaaaaaaat yes check it out here :
  2. The Zotac Zbox En760 : Zotac's answer to gigabyte but not as good gigabyte because it has a mobile GPU. Anyway just check it out.
If I missed anything comment and tell me an just a little thing we might just review something from one of these companies (hint : it's one of the small companies) and speaking of reviews, there are somethings we won't review but Cashsherpa will so check them out here 

TechAP out


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