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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tech talk - Recycling PCs

Hey everyone welcome to another post of techspacey by me TechAP and yes I didn't post on monday, I was travelling but now I'm back with a kind of request. 

So around a week ago I was just watching ye old videos about tech especially PCs and thought to myself, how many people had a PC just laying around doing nothing. And how many techies would like to just have them to experiment on. So if you are one of the generous giving non-tech kind and for some reason read this blog (Thank you for that) then please help the techie clan out there by selling/giving out your old pc to your nearest techie or grandma who could use it and do the world a favor by not wasting those old PCs OR you could do something great with them like making a media centre pc and having it sit beside your tv for those occasional couch party. 

So again help the techie save the world. 

TechAP out.

Oh yes you know how I was blabbering about new content It'll be up in a few hours.

Guys you can also give your pc to us please contact us.   

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